Warm Winter Weather Dry Skin Tips

This sudden So Cal spurt of warm weather is wreaking havoc on already dry Winter skin. Try these tips:

1) Limit shower and bath time to 5 or 10 minutes
2) Use warm rather than hot water
3) Wash with a gentle fragrance-free cleanser and avoid using so much that you see a thick lather.
4) Blot skin gently dry with a towel
5) Moisturize immediately after drying. Creams and lotions work by trapping existing moisture in your skin.
6) Creams work better when skin is very dry. Ingredients that help to soothe dry skin include lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, olive and jojoba oils.
7) Wear lip balm, one that feels good on the lips. If it stings or tingles this can be irritating, switch to one that does not cause this reaction.