Natural collagen is what gives skin a smooth, supple and youthful appearance. As you age natural collagen breaks down, resulting in wrinkles and loss of facial volume. The best way to refresh your appearance is by replenishing the volume your skin has lost. In addition to providing immediate volume correction, Radiesse® also stimulates production of your own natural collagen.

How it works

Radiesse® volumizing filler is calcium-based making it truly unique in its ability to act as a scaffold under the skin, providing lift and stimulating your own natural collagen to grow. This natural collagen growth continues for several months, after the initial effect of Radiesse® has diminished. Over time, the gel is absorbed and the calcium-based microspheres are metabolized by the body, leaving behind your own natural collagen. As well as facial dermal filler, Radiesse® can also be used to smooth the tops of the hands for a more youthful appearance.

After your treatment

You may experience redness, bruising, or swelling. Most side effects from the treatment resolve within a few days. Cold compresses will help reduce swelling or discomfort. You will be advised not to touch the area for the first six hours and to avoid aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.

In many patients correction lasts for a year or more. Check out this Special Offer.