Fractional C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing

As we age, changes deep in the dermis accumulate leading to visible signs that include fine lines, deep wrinkles, texture irregularities and scarring. To adequately treat these problems, treatments need to reach the deep layers of the skin and renew the collagen foundation. The low down-time procedure uses fractional C02 laser microbeams to precisely target the deep dermal layers of the skin. This stimulates a cascade of healing responses that leads to tissue regeneration and new collagen formation throughout the entire treatment area.

How it works

Fractional C02 involves treating only a fraction of the skin’s surface, leaving bridges of untouched skin to aid in the regeneration process. Each laser pulse removes a narrow column of tissue while simultaneously treating surrounding skin. This deep heating causes immediate collagen contraction and long-term collagen remodeling. The result is softening and smoothing of wrinkles and scars, and improved skin texture.

What to expect

Typically the procedure is performed in the office and lasts about 20 minutes. Dr. Heinrich may use anesthetic cream prior to treatment to aid with comfort. As the microbeams are applied you will feel a warm sensation at the treatment area. Immediately following the treatment, the skin will feel warm and will be similar in appearance to a deep sunburn. The treatment is commonly used on the face, around the lips, crows feet, the neck, upper
chest, hands and arms. Dr. Heinrich will discuss with you the best options for your skin type.

After laser surgery

After the surgery, you will probably experience some swelling and skin redness for several days. Antibiotic ointments and cool compresses may be used during the healing process. It is important for the patient to follow all the post – operative instructions provided by Dr. Heinrich and his team, particularly in using sunblock and avoiding sun exposure.

Immediate softening of wrinkles, fine lines and scars will be dramatic after just one treatment. The skin responds by stimulating organic growth of new collagen that continues for up to six months. Results of the treatment are long-lasting and with proper skin care can last for many years.