Dermaplaning is excellent for freshening and vitalizing your skin!

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells as well as extraneous vellous (translucent) hairs on the face and stimulates the surface of the skin.

No chemicals are involved, which means less irritation for your newly sensitive skin. A session will generally last no more than 30 minutes and results can be noticed immediately.

Dermaplane patients comment on the smoothness of their complexion and its “baby skin like quality” and see an immediate improvement to the radiance of their skin tone.

Dermaplaning is also frequently used prior to other facial treatments. Because Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and stimulates the surface of the skin, if you choose a chemical or plant based skin peel it will be absorbed more efficiently and results are remarkably improved.

Please call our esthetician for a complimentary consultation for this simple and effective treatment.