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About Dr. Heinrich

Dr. James A. Heinrich M.D., F.A.C.S. of Pacific Coast CosmeticIn 1999, Dr. Heinrich founded Pacific Coast Cosmetic & Laser Medical Center, Inc. in order to provide high quality Facial Aesthetic Procedures to individuals who desire to improve their appearance. How we look plays a big role in the lives of most people. For some, the reflection we see can cause displeasure due to accidents, birth defects or other signs such as premature aging. Many of these conditions can be improved with surgical and nonsurgical procedures and many people choose to put their faces in the hands of a facial plastic surgeon. A facial plastic surgeon specializes in performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to the face, head and neck region. Concentrating on the complex anatomy, physiology, pathology, bio-chemistry and bacteriology of all the structures of the head and neck, provides Dr. Heinrich a strong focus on the anatomical area being treated.

Dr. Heinrich treats head and neck patients in his practice, while at the same time offering a complete range of Facial Aesthetic Procedures. Along with his highly trained team of medical professionals, Dr. Heinrich is dedicated to providing his patients with the best available procedures, treatments, services and products.